This function creates colors of class XYZ; a subclass of the virtual color-class class.

XYZ(X, Y, Z, names)


X, Y, Z

these arguments give the X, Y and Z coordinates of the colors. The values can be provided in separate X, Y and Z vectors or in a three-column matrix passed as X.


A vector of names for the colors (by default the row names of X are used).


An object of class XYZ which inherits from class color.


The X, Y and Z values are the levels of the CIE primaries. These are scaled so that the luminance of the display white-point is 100. The white-point is taken to be D65, which means that its coordinates are 95.047, 100.000, 108.883.

See also


Ross Ihaka


## Generate white in XYZ space
XYZ(95.047, 100.000, 108.883)
#>           X   Y       Z
#> [1,] 95.047 100 108.883