This function creates colors of class ``polarLUV''; a subclass of the virtual color-class class.

polarLUV(L, C, H, names)


L, C, H

these arguments give the L, C and H coordinates of the colors. The values can be provided in separate L, C and H vectors or in a three-column matrix passed as L.


A vector of names for the colors (by default the row names of L are used).


An object of class polarLUV which inherits from class color.


The polarLUV space is a transformation of the CIE \(L^*u^*v^*\) space so that the \(u\) and \(v\) values are converted to polar coordinates. The radial component \(C\) measures chroma and the angular coordinate \(H\) is measures hue. It is also known as the HCL (hue-chroma-luminance) space.

See also

RGB, HSV, XYZ, LAB, polarLAB, LUV, polarLUV.


Ross Ihaka


## Show the polarLUV space set.seed(1) x <- RGB(runif(1000), runif(1000), runif(1000)) y <- as(x, "polarLUV") head(x)
#> R G B #> [1,] 0.2655087 0.5308088 0.871805
#> L C H #> [1,] 76.00763 52.18057 240.4397